11:30 am - Importance of taking care of your back
Presented by Complete Chiropractic Health

12:30 - Off-road LED lights 101
Presented by Quake LED

1:30 pm -  Learn about the latest tire products
Presented by Tire Express

2:30 pm -  Putting power to the ground! Axels, gears, and traction Devices
Presented by Simpson Family Jeeps



9:30 am - Off-Road Camera Demonstration - What is an off-road camera system, it's uses, safety features and operation
Presented by Red Peak Inc.

10:30 am - How to use fender flares
Presented by Eli's Off-Road Parts and Performance

11:30 am - Bed liner installation demonstration
Presented by Diehl Auto

12:30 pm - The science of avoiding a trail fail
Presented by Simpson Family Jeeps

1:30 pm - Engine conversions - Information on a variety of engine swaps, body armor and wheel base stretching
Presented by Hauk Desings LLC, home of RIver Raider Offroad

2:30 pm - ENI lubricants 102 - learn what works best for your Jeep
Presented by ENI

3:30 pm - How to install your JeepTopUSA Safari Tonneau and soft top boot
Presented by Jeep Tops USA

4:30 pm - Learn how to choose the best radio controlled Jeep for you
Presented by Hobby Express



10:30 am - How to stay young
Presented by Finn Chiropractic Group

12:30 pm - CVT-Cascadia Vehicle Tents
Presented by Roof Top Tents

1:30 pm - I survived death wobble
Presented by Simpson Family Jeeps.