2019 Festival Results

Thank you all for joining us for our 9th annual Festival. We had a total of 2,512 registered Jeeps this year. 156 sponsors and merchandise vendors, 16 swap meet vendors and 16 food vendors also joined us at Coopers Lake! There were nearly 27,700 people at the Festival grounds over the course of the three days. There were also more than 15,000 Jeep lovers in downtown Butler for the Jeep Invasion on Friday night. Jeepers journeyed from 31 states, Washington DC and Canada (Ontario and Quebec) to the birthplace of the Jeep!

Click the button below to view our full photo gallery with images that our photographers took on the Jeep Playground, On-Site Trails, Festival of Lights, Barbee Jeep Race and Best of Bantam. If you’d like to purchase any photos, there are instructions on how to do so there.

Visit our Videos page for footage from this year and past Festivals.  


Below are the rest of our event results.

2019 Winners

Mystery Road Rally

● Butler route

  • 1st place: Patrick Cimo

  • 2nd place: Jeanne Whitling

  • 3rd place: Connie McKinney

● Mercer route

  • 1st place: Susan Sheffler

  • 2nd place: Samantha Ryan

  • 3rd place: Katie Myers

● Slippery Rock route

  • 1st place: Jennifer Ireland

  • 2nd place: Kathie Fredley

  • 3rd place: Mark Harris

Bantam Poker Run

● Best hand: Doug Gauerke

● Worst hand: Chase Susor

● Random winner: Wendy Schmitt

Jeep Team Challenge

● 1st place: Christie Josh

● 2nd place: Shawn Blystone

● 3rd place: Andrew Irwin

● 4th place: Raymond Jones

● 5th place: Sean Duphily

Bantam Bingo

● Zach Bracken - $250

● Chris Barnes $150

● Eric Beighey - $100

RTI Ramp

● Kenneth Jarmon

● Jennifer Camp

BFGoodrich Tire Raffle

● Walter Quinn

● Derek Rogers

● David Grupp

● Robert Komstock

● Winner already claimed.

Barbee Jeep Race

1st: Jessie Garton

2nd: Nicole Skarbek

3rd: Nikki Ward

Dash for Last: Spencer Rea

Best of Bantam

Class 1: Bantam Jeep/Trailer

● Stock: Robert Marchaza

Class 2: Military Jeep MA/MG/GP/GPW

● Stock: Joseph Leasure

Class 3: Military Jeep m38/m38A1/700 series trucks

● Stock: Alan Maxwell

Class 4: CJ-2A/3A/3B/DJ

● Stock: Todd Wagner

● Modified: Thomas Bruce

Class 5: CJ-5

● Stock: Ronald Barch

● Modified: Ed Thoma (1st) and Mark Levin (2nd)

● Survivor: John Hollibaugh

Class 6: CJ-6/CJ-8

● Modified: Gregory Gorring

Class 7: CJ-7

● Stock: Randy Clark

● Modified: William Hallowell (1st) and Jody Early (2nd)

● Survivor: John Hollibaugh

Class 8: FC Trucks/Willys Pickups/J-Series Trucks/Comanche

● Stock: David Lewis

● Modified: Rob James

● Survivor: John Hollibaugh

Class 9: Station Wagon/delivery/Jeepster/Wagoneer/Cherokees 1983 & earlier

● Stock: Earl L. Easter

● Modified: William Parise

● Survivor: George Campbell

Class 10: Cherokees 1984-2001

● Stock: Matthew King

● Modified: Heidi Smartnick

● Survivor: Amy Schlabach

Class 11: Grand Cherokee/ Commander/ Liberty / Compass / Patriot / Renegade / Cherokees 2002-today

● Stock: Paul Vescio (1st) and Chris Bonomo (2nd)

● Modified: Jamie Kunz (1st) and Andrew Grande (2nd)

Class 12: YJ Jeep

● Stock: Carl Reisinger

● Modified: Steven Duchesne

● Survivor: Jennifer Hurd

Class 13: TJ Jeep

● Stock: Joey Dominick (1st) and Patrick Folmar (2nd)

● Modified: Doug Graham (1st) and Kathy & Marty Moss (2nd)

● Survivor: Marcia Ringeisen

Class 14: JK Jeep

● Stock: Arthur Murphy (1st) and Andrew Paulus (2nd)

● Modified: Tom Anderson (1st) and Joey Dominick (2nd) and Mark Hoffman (3rd)

Class 15: JK Unlimited Jeep

● Stock: Doug Hillary

● Modified: Heather McKinney (1st) and Scott Sharp (2nd) and Michael Borden (3rd)

Class 16: JL Jeep and JL Unlimited Jeep

● Stock: Daniel McNulty

● Modified: Heather Hilliard

Best Military Encampment Jeep

● Dan Garver

People’s Choice

● Juliano Devon

Ultimate Jeeper Contest

Winner: Diane Beeman

Decorate Your jeep

  • Most Patriotic - Tony Romeo

  • Most Creative - Gina Anderson

  • Best Theme - Jeanne Whitling

#PennzoilNation Bantam Proving Grounds Jeep Pull Contest

Winner: David Klein