Festival Announces New Activities for 2017!!

It’s never too early to get excited about Bantam, and now there are even more reasons to bring your Jeep to one of the most popular Jeep events east of the Mississippi!  New in 2017, there are more trail riding opportunities than ever before and some new fun and games for all Festival attendees.

Jeeps on the Rock Trail Ride:  This brand new, off-site trail ride features a three-mile trail and a one-mile track complete with hills, banks, twists and turns.  It offers more difficulty than the Moraine Trail Ride but is still appropriate for stock Jeeps whose owners enjoy a little challenge.  Participating Jeeps will depart Cooper’s Lake in groups on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Ride times can be selected when registration opens in late January.  Learn more here.

Babes of Bantam Trail Ride:  This is a chance for lady drivers only to enjoy some time together on an on-site trail and at the Jeep Playground. Female coaches will instruct participants through various obstacles, offering tips on how to successfully master each one.  There will be time for Q&A with the trail guides and each participant will receive exclusive Babes of Bantam items.  Come out for this new event on Friday afternoon and be fearless! More details here.

Bantam Night Ops Mission #2017:  Last year’s night ride was so popular we’ve added another trail!  Now participants can choose to go out in timed groups on Thursday night using only parking lights or all of their lights.  Don’t miss this 2017 kick-off event! Click here for details. 

Jeep Carnival:  Your family may have played carnival games in the past, but they’ve never done them like this!  We’ve incorporated a Jeep or a Jeep part/accessory into several carnival-style games that everyone in your group will have a blast playing. Try your luck and you may even win a prize!  Carnival tickets will be sold on-site at this attraction.

Bantam Wing Fest: Our Saturday night Great Pig Out is now the Bantam Wing Fest! New this year, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat wings with various sauces and seasonings, french fries and cole slaw.  Get your tickets through registration or on the online store! More details here. 

Be sure to check out all of our activities so when registration launches in late January, you can register your Jeep for these new activities and other Festival favorites before space runs out.