The Underground to bring Concept Jeeps to Festival

First Time These Extreme Jeeps Appear Together on East Coast!

The Underground, previously known as The Chrysler Mopar group, is taking an unprecedented step for the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival.  For the first time ever on the East Coast, seven of the group’s “concept Jeeps” will be displayed together in one place for Jeep enthusiasts to admire.

The Jeeps were unveiled in Moab, Utah in April and three of them are currently featured in the August issue of Four Wheeler magazine.  In fact, one of the Jeeps graces the magazine’s cover.

“This is really a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to see Jeeps that before could only be seen in magazines or tested by national auto writers,” said Patti Jo Lambert, Festival director.  “We are so excited that Jeep Corporation and The Underground recognize the success of our Festival and that they are bringing these incredible Jeeps for our attendees to see.”

The Underground vehicles that will be at the Festival include:

  • Lower 40- JK
  • Pork Chop- JK
  • J-12 – Wrangler
  • Mighty FC – Wrangler
  • Traildozer – A Wrangler with a 6.4 hemi engine – v8
  • Two others to be determined


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In addition, five top-of-the line brand models will be transported to Butler for the show.  They include:

  • Compass Limited
  • Grand Cherokee Limited Trailhawk
  • Liberty Limited Jet 4×4
  • Patriot Latitude 4×4
  • Wrangler Sport Freedom Edition

“We’re just starting to show our Underground Jeeps on the East Coast and it makes sense for us to bring these exciting cars to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival because Butler is the birthplace of the Jeep, “said Craig Buoncompagno, Project Manager.  “People love seeing these concept Jeeps because they can dream about what kind of parts they can put on their own car.  We create and build them for people to enjoy, and it keeps them interested and excited about the Jeep brand.

The Underground is the only company that builds vehicles for the press to drive and evaluate. New vehicles are built and shown at events like Moab, Sema and Spring Fest, as well as NASCAR events.

The Jeeps will be on display August 11 and 12 at the Big Butler Fairgrounds.