• How do I get to Butler, Pennsylvania?
    Butler is located about one hour north of Pittsburgh.  It is easily accessed from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 79 and Route 8.  Cooper’s Lake Campground is located along Currie Road which is just off Route 422 and along Interstate 79, about 20 minutes west of Butler and 30 minutes north of Cranberry Township.
  • What is the address of Cooper’s Lake Campground so I can put it into my GPS?
    205 Currie Rd., Slippery Rock, PA 16057
  • What are the GPS coordinates?
    GPS coordinates for Coopers Lake are

  • How far away is Butler from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Harrisburg?
    Approximately 50 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Approximately 2.5 hours east of Cleveland.  Approximately 4 hours west of Harrisburg.

General Event Questions

  • What are the Festival hours?
    Friday, June 13:  9-4, Invasion begins at 6
    Saturday, June 14:  9-6
    Sunday, June 15:  9-3
  • Do I have to pre-register or can I show up and register on-site?
    All Jeeps must register to participate.  Pre-Registration is available until May 18.  Registration packets will be mailed to all Pre-Registered participants.  Will Call registration is available from May 19 until June 5.  Registration packets must be picked up ONLY at Cooper’s Lake during On-Site registration hours.  On-Site registration (for events that have not reached capacity) will be available at Cooper’s Lake Campground June 13-15 starting at 8 a.m. until one hour before Festival closes each day.
  • How much does it cost to participate with my Jeep?
    Festival Package:  $70 until March 31, $80 between April 1 and May 18.  Not available during Will Call or On-Site registration.  The package includes the Jeep Invasion, Playground/On-site Trails, Mystery Road Rally and Ruff ‘n Tuff.  The package offers up to a 30% discount!
  • You also can purchase activities a la carte:
    Jeep Playground & On-site Trails:  $40
    Moraine Trail Ride:  $20
    Mystery Road Rally:  $30
    Jeep Team Challenge:  $30
    Jeep Invasion:  $10
    Glacial Interpretive Driving Tour:  $10
    Historic Travels Tour: $20
    Show ‘n Shine:  $20
    Ruff ‘n Tuff:  $20
  • Will the event be rescheduled due to rain?
    The event will take place rain or shine.
  • Where can I get updates about the event?
    Updates are available frequently through our Facebook page.  You can also subscribe to receive monthly update emails on the home page of the website.  Check out the website frequently too!
  • Can I buy spectator tickets in advance?
    Spectator tickets can be purchased at the gate.   Only registered participants may purchase discounted three-day spectator tickets in advance during the registration process.  All passengers MUST be wearing a spectator wristband in order to enter the Festival.
  • Is there an admission/parking fee?
    Parking is Free.  Admission is $7 for adults and $3 for children 3-12 each day. Children 2 and younger are free.
  • What if I don’t have a Jeep?
    If you do not have a Jeep, you’ll still have a great time! New in 2014, we are offering the Ride with A Guide activity.  Our Jeep dealer sponsors will be offering the chance to drive a Jeep off-road on a beginner stock trail designated for this attraction.  There’s even more fun — participate in the new Mud Run, come and see all of the Jeeps, walk through the WWII encampment and history exhibit, attend a demonstration, see the vendors and bring the kids!
  • Will there be things for the kids to see and do?
    You bet! They’ll love watching the Jeeps go through the Playground, especially the mud pit.  Plus, we have a Little Jeepers Playground just for them. You might also want to purchase our wooden Jeep toy kit in our online store (available in early 2014).  Build and paint it as a family project and then enter it in the Little Jeepers Show ‘n Shine.  It’s great fun for the whole family. (Assembled Jeeps will be available on-site and can be painted in the Little Jeepers Playground area and entered into the competition).
  • How can I volunteer to help?
    You’ll see information for volunteers under the Info tab.  To register as a volunteer, simply click on the “Register Today” on the home page.   Thanks for helping us out!  We need you!
  • Do you accept credit cards/checks at the event?
    Each vendor has different policies.  Cash and credit cards are accepted for Festival admission and On-Site registration.  Raffle tickets are cash only.  Be prepared by bringing cash and keep in mind that an ATM is located at the Pilot station at the intersection of Route 422 & I-79, about one-mile from Cooper’s Lake.  We also hope to have an ATM at the Festival.
  • Can I bring my own food and beverages?
    Sorry, outside food and beverages are not permitted except in the campground.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Well-behaved dogs on leashes (required) and well-behaved owners who pick up after their dogs are welcome.  If the dog is not polite or the owner is not being responsible, Festival staff will require that you and/or your pet leave the Festival grounds.  Admission will not be refunded.  Pets are not permitted in the Little Jeepers Playground area.
  • Is alcohol permitted?
    Sorry, alcohol is not permitted at the Festival.
  • Are coolers permitted in the Festival grounds?
    No coolers or outside food and beverages are permitted within the Festival grounds, except the campground.
  • Can other vehicles participate?
    Sorry, it’s a Jeep thing!
  • What is the difference between a Participant and a Spectator?
    Participants are the drivers of Jeeps who are registered to participate in the various events with their Jeep.  Spectators are passengers in a Participant’s Jeep or someone who is purchasing general daily admission to come see the event.
  • If I want to speak to someone about the Festival, what number do I call?
    Give us a call at 724-234-2291 between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.
  • Is Festival admission included with all activities?
    Admission is included only for the driver for all activities except the Jeep Invasion.  Participants who only register for the Jeep Invasion must purchase spectator tickets to enter Cooper’s Lake.  All passengers must purchase spectator tickets.
  • What types of food will you have?
    You’ll love the variety of food we’ll have this year!  You’ll be able to enjoy all your Festival favorites!
  • Are there restaurants nearby?
    Butler County has a lot of great places to eat!  Check out www.VisitButlerCounty.com for a listing of local places to eat or call us at 724-234-2291 and we’ll let you know which ones may be convenient to where you are staying!
  • Can our kids participate in the Jeep Playground and Trail Rides?
    The Festival is a family-friendly event.  Your children are welcome to enjoy the activities with you.  They must be in a properly secured car seat or buckled into their seat belt according to Pennsylvania law.  Whatever safety rules apply on the highway apply at the Festival.  However, young children in a rear-facing car seat are not permitted on modified and intermediate trails.
  • Will you be selling merchandise before the event?
    Yes, we will be selling 2014 t-shirts and other items when we launch our online store in early 2014.  Get your Festival gear early so you don’t have to worry about your favorite design and size selling out!
  • What can I do in advance to ensure that I can enter the Festival quickly each morning if I am a participant?
    First, Pre-Register by May 18 so your packet gets mailed to you and you can arrive with everything you need to enter the Festival with your Jeep.  Speed up your entry by making sure that everyone inside your Jeep is wearing a wristband (passengers must have spectator wrist bands).  If your passengers do not have wristbands, your Jeep will not be permitted to enter the gate.  You will be directed to the On-Site registration area where you will need to purchase your wristbands.  Save time and make things go smoothly by purchasing your three-day discounted spectator tickets during the Pre-Registration process.
  • Do you have a place where I can sell my Jeep?
    Yes!  New in 2014 is the Jeep Corral.  Check out the web page under Attractions for details.


  • When can I register?
    Pre-Register now through May 18.  Will Call registration is available from May 19 through June 5.  On-Site registration will be available at the event.  Mailing and processing fees apply.
  • How do I know if my online registration went through?
    Once you click the “Finish” button, the system will process your registration.  Next, you will see a summary page that has your confirmation number.  You will also receive a bounce back email confirming your registration and everything you selected to do.
  • Why is registration only online?
    Online registration is required to streamline our reservation system and due to our limited staff.
  • I don’t have a credit or debit card.  How can I register?
    A credit or debit card is required.  Consider giving a friend or family member a check or cash and use their credit card to pay for your registration.
  • I signed up to participate.  Will I receive information about where to go, etc.?
    Yes!  All registered participants will receive their registration packet in late May which will contain all passes, wristbands, instructions, etc.  Instructions will also be emailed and posted on the website in late May.
  • What is your check-in process if I did Pre-Registration before May 18?
    We will be mailing registration packets in late-May.  You will not need to check in at the event since you should have all of the materials you need.  However, there will be a Registration tent at Cooper’s Lake for those wishing to register On-Site or add events to their current registration (pending maximum Jeep capacities).
  • What do I do if I did Will Call registration between May 19 and June 5?
    When you enter the Main Entrance, go to the On-Site registration tent and look for the Will Call line.  You will be handed your packet and then you will be ready to roll!  Proof of ID is required to pick up a packet.  Make sure you purchase spectator tickets for your passengers.
  • How do I get my dash plaque for Friday night?
    Dash plaques will be included in your registration packet.  You must be pre-registered by May 18 in order to get a dash plaque.  Dash plaques will not be numbered.
  • What is your cancellation policy if I pre-registered and can no longer attend?
    Please review our cancellation policy for details.
  • Will you be offering goody bags?
    Due to the manpower required to put them together, we will not be making goody bags.  Please make sure you see all of the sponsors and vendors to take advantage of any goodies they might be giving away to attendees.
  • Are non-street legal Jeeps permitted to participate?
    All participants must verify that they will have valid liability insurance effective June 13-15, 2014 in order to register. If you can verify you will have insurance during the event, then your Jeep can participate.
  • What are the requirements for Jeeps that are trailered to Butler?
    If you are participating in the Jeep Invasion, lots for trailer loading and unloading will be designated for you at Clearview Mall. If you have a non-street legal Jeep and you are participating in the Invasion, trailer parking is available downtown.  A trailer parking area will also be available at Cooper’s Lake.  Jeeps must be loaded/unloaded in the trailer parking area.  They may not be trailered into the main Festival area.
  • Are my passengers included with my Jeep registration?
    No.  Only the driver is included for all activities at Cooper’s Lake.  Admission to the Festival at Cooper’s Lake is NOT included for participants who only select the Jeep Invasion activity.  All passengers must have spectator wristbands.  Registered participants and volunteers may purchase three-day discounted adult spectator tickets in advance for $16, a savings of $5 off regular gate price. Three-day children’s tickets are $7, a savings of $2 off regular gate price. These discounted tickets can only be purchased through online registration. Discounted tickets will not be sold on-site.
  • How can I register if I don’t want to do it online?
    Sorry, but registration can only be completed online and payment may only be made using a credit or debit card.  Or, you can come to the Festival and do On-Site registration although some activities may no longer be available.  Cash and credit will be accepted at On-Site registration.
  • How do I know if space is still available to register my Jeep?
    In the online registration, you will see a counter for each activity which will tell you how many Jeeps may still register for that particular activity.  Once Pre-Registration is over, we will add information on the Festival home page about what activities are still available.
  • What can I do if an activity has reached capacity?
    You can stop by On-Site Registration to see if any spots have opened up.
  • I want to register more than one Jeep.  How can I do that?
    During the first part of the registration process, you’ll have the opportunity to add additional Jeeps.  You’ll need to provide the driver’s name as well as the model and year.  If you want to register yourself as the driver of the additional jeeps, we recommend that you put a number after your last name so you can keep track of your Jeeps.  For example:  first name, last name 02.   You can register each Jeep for separate activities.
  • I need to change my registration.  What do I do?
    If you need to modify or cancel your registration, you can do that in the online registration section and click on the link that says “Already Registered”.  The last day to update your registration information or add something new to your registration is May 18, 2014.  Remember that the cancellation deadline is April 30, 2014. After this date, anything that you paid for can not be refunded.
  • I lost my confirmation number.  Now what?
    If you no longer have your confirmation number, then go the registration page and at the bottom of the page, click the link that says “Already Registered”.  Then select the option for your confirmation number to be emailed to you.  It will be emailed to the same email address you used to register.


  • How do I get a camp site at the Festival?
    On-site camping will be handled via Cooper’s Lake Campground.  Please contact them with any questions at 724-368-8710.  You can select and reserve your campsite online.  They will accept camping reservations on January 1, 2014.  Third-party reservations are not accepted.
  • How many Jeeps can be parked at my campsite at Cooper’s Lake?
    Most camp sites will accommodate three Jeeps, but each site will vary so it  depends on the site you select.  You can select and reserve your site at the campground website.

The Butler Area

  • What else is there to do in the area?
    Butler County has several small towns just waiting to be explored!  We have themed-itineraries that do all of the trip planning for you as well as driving tours so you can experience our scenic back roads.  If you like history, the arts, outdoors, shopping, golf, etc., you can do it all here!  Just go to www.VisitButlerCounty.com to learn about all there is to see and do.
  • Where can I stay overnight?  There are many hotels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds in Butler County.  Go to www.VisitButlerCounty.com for lodging information or call us at 724-234-2291 and we’ll be glad to help!
  • Where are the closest restaurants?
    Go to www.VisitButlerCounty.com or call us at 724-234-2291 and we’ll be glad to point out those that are near the Festival activities.
  • Where is the nearest ATM? An ATM is located at the intersection of I-79 and Route 422 at the Pilot station.  We hope to also have one at the Festival too.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Please contact us.