Bantam Night Ops Mission 

Thursday, June 7, 9:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Maximum Jeep Participants: 210


Bantam Night Ops Mission #2017:  This activity was introduced in 2016 and sold out in a matter of days.  It received so much positive feedback that we're offering two trails in 2017.  One stock trail will be for Jeeps who want to use lights and the other stock trail will be for Jeeps using only parking lights and the headlights of their guide. Participants must register for the trail and assigned ride time during pre-registration. This activity is only offered as part of the Night Ops package.

In addition to the Night Ride, package participants will ALSO receive:

  • Guaranteed entry in the Jeep Invasion
  • Jeep Playground & On-Site Trails
  • Mystery Road Rally
  • Ruff 'n Tuff
  • Exclusive gift bag at the start of the trail ride including limited-edition Bantam Night Ops Mission #2017 t-shirts (2 per Jeep), a light and a Bantam vehicle flag
  • $25 voucher to use at two of the area's most popular restaurants, North Country Brewing Company in Slippery Rock and the Harmony Inn in Harmony.  Voucher is valid the entire month of June.

Save up to 20% by staying up late! See below for pricing and Night Owl specials:

  • $250 for rides in the 9 o'clock hour (9:30, 9:50)
  • $225 for rides in the 10 o'clock hour (10:10, 10:30, 10:50)
  • $200 for rides in the 11 o'clock hour (11:10, 11:30)
  • Package discounted in registration for Participating Volunteers

You must be pre-registered in order to receive a shirt! If you do not claim your items by June 30, they will be forfeited.  

Note: Young children in rear-facing car seats are not permitted to ride in a Jeep on the trails. Older children can ride in the Jeep as long as they are in the proper child safety seat and/or seat belt according to Pennsylvania law.

Low range and front and rear tow hooks required, and street tires NOT recommended.  Please refer to the Rules and Waivers page for any general or activity specific rules.


Special thanks to our sponsors!