In 2011, 1,106 jeeps participated in the Guinness World Records Largest Parade of Jeeps. In honor of the Bantam Jeep's 75th birthday, we are hoping to break our own record. Join us to make history again!

Those who select the Jeep Parade Only activity will be in the first portion of the parade. They will drive through Main Street and continue north on Route 8.  Parking lots on the city outskirts will be designated for Parade Only Jeeps to park.  Free school bus shuttling will be available between 3 and 10 p.m. to transport your Jeep's occupants downtown to see the rest of the parade and then back to your Jeep.

Those who select the Jeep Parade/Jeep Invasion activity will immediately follow the Jeep Parade Only participants after they all have departed the campus.  Once at the North end of Main Street Jeeps will be parked from North to South, filling side streets along the way. 

In our 75 Years of Jeeps Display, we will be featuring one Jeep for each of the 75 years (1940-2015).  These 75 selected Jeeps will lead the Parade and park together in a designated lot at the north end of the Invasion. The Jeeps will be given a certificate of participation. You must be registered for the Jeep Parade/Jeep Invasion by March 31 to be considered. You will be contacted via email by April 30 if your Jeep is selected. ou can nominate your Jeep during your registration.  Note: You must be able to arrive at Butler County Community College between 11-1 on Friday, June 12.

Jeep Parade Only

Friday, June 12
Parking at Butler County Community College (BC3) will be available between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Jeep Parade will begin at 2:30 p.m.

Maximum Jeep Participants:  1,300
Cost:  $15, pre-registration only!  Includes three gifts!

Note:  Your Jeep will NOT be able to be parked downtown in the designated Jeep Invasion area. 

All trailers, including military, are prohibited at the college and in the Parade. Trailer parking will be available near the campus entrance. 

Jeep Parade/Jeep Invasion

Friday, June 12
Parking at Butler County Community College (BC3) will be available between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Jeep Parade will begin at 2:30 p.m.  Jeep Parade/Jeep Invasion participants will follow Jeep Parade Only participants in the Parade.

Maximum Jeep Participants: 1,200
Cost:  $25, pre-registration only!  Includes three gifts!

Note to these registered participants: 

  • You will not be permitted to enter the college campus before 3:30 p.m. because some campus parking lots need to be emptied before you can arrive. Please do not arrive early because you will be turned away. 
  • Parking downtown will begin on the Northern end of the city and will continue South.
  • Jeep owners MUST obey parking instructions. Jeeps will be parked on Main and side streets as streets are filled, going from North to South.  There is no way to know where your Jeep will be parked.
  • In order to secure a parking spot in the Jeep Invasion, you must also participate in the parade.
  • If you wish to park next to someone, make sure you follow each other.

All trailers, including military, are prohibited at the college and in the Parade. Trailer parking will be available near the campus entrance. 

About the Guinness World Record Parade and Jeep Invasion

It's Bantam's birthday but Jeep participants get the presents!  Those in the parade receive a dash plaque, commemorative gift and a free downloadable photo of their Jeep in the parade.  The photo will be available after Guinness World Records validates our record setting attempt (approx. in September).  The photo will note that your Jeep participated in the record-setting parade.  The dash plaque and commemorative gift MUST be picked up at the Parade staging area at BC3. You forfeit these items if you do not show up at the event. 

The parade begins at 2:30 p.m. and may take as long as 6 hours to complete if we reach our maximum number of participating Jeeps (2,500 total).  While you wait for the parade to start, you can visit some sponsor booths, grab a bite to eat from our food vendors, listen to music and watch some Jeep-themed movies in the theater.

If you don't have a Jeep, come for the fun.  DJs, food vendors and Jeeps of every model and color will be a sight to see!  After all of the Jeep Parade/Jeep Invasion Jeeps are parked, spectators can fill the streets and enjoy our street party!

Due to pedestrian safety, City of Butler Police request that once Jeeps are parked, you may not leave your parking space until 9 p.m.

Driver admission to Coopers Lake is NOT included for participants who only select this activity.