Babes of Bantam Trail Ride

Friday, June 7 – Rides at 9:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.

Maximum Jeep Participants:  100
Cost:  $40 (Includes one Babes shirt and premium item)
Allow 2.5 hours for this activity.

An exclusive trail ride and instruction opportunity for our lady Jeepers! This activity is geared specifically for beginners. The activity will take place on a dedicated trail and obstacles created specifically for the Babes participants. A 30-minute “Introduction to 4-Wheeling” session will be presented by the owner of Off-Road Consulting. He is an off-road trainer certified by the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association.

Each driver will receive an exclusive Babes of Bantam t-shirt and a premium item.  Even more important, all girls will meet others who enjoy wheeling and will walk away with new confidence about their off-road skills.  Note:  All drivers must be women.  Passengers are permitted. Allow 2.5 hours for this activity.  You must be pre-registered in order to receive a shirt! If you do not attend the activity, you must contact us by June 30 and pay for the shipping of your shirt, or it will be forfeited.  

The Babes Trail is classified as a “Green” (Beginner) Trail. Refer to Trails and Playground rules for “Green Trail” requirements to participate on our Rules and Waivers page. Due to weather and changing conditions, Trails can be closed or reclassified at ANY time during the event. No refunds will be issued.

Note: Young children in rear-facing car seats are not permitted to ride in a Jeep on the trails. Older children can ride in the Jeep as long as they are in the proper child safety seat and/or seat belt according to Pennsylvania law.

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